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The Herbalife Difference

Simple changes, along with our support, can make looking after your health way easier than you may think! 

Hydrate More

It is recommended you drink at least 2 litres per day. We’ve all been told a million times to drink more water. What we may not be aware of is the body needs water to burn fat, and that thirst and hunger can feel the same. It’s recommended to have 1 litre per 5 stone of your weight per day.

Exercise More

You don’t need to live in the gym to move more. Just make clever choices, if you can walk extra steps, make the effort!  Take the dog for a longer walk , just aim for 10,000 steps a day if you can, or download the app ‘7’ and do just 7 minutes of exercise workout each day. This tiny amount of time will make a huge change to your wellbeing and bodyshape. 

Enjoy More Food

Most people start the day with a sugar based breakfast, or no breakfast. Start off each day with one of our healthy meals, followed during the day by 2 healthy snacks, healthy lunch and healthy dinner. You will find the foods enjoyable and easy to make, allowing you to feel full and happy all day.

Easy To Follow Plans 

Choose The Pack To Suit Your Goal: 

Starter Pack

This is the perfect plan to get started!!
You simply have a formula one shake for breakfast (2 scoops blended with the milk of your choice) and our energy boosting Thermo Tea. 

Products in this Pack:
1 x Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
1 x Instant Herbal Beverage
 plus Free Starter Kit

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Breakfast Pack

The perfect pack if you struggle to eat breakfast and stay healthy throughout the day!
Have your Shake and Thermo Tea for breakfast. Add the Aloe mango concentrate mix to your water throughout the day.

 Products in this Pack:
1 x Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
1 x Instant Herbal Beverage
1 x Aloe Mango plus Free Starter Kit 


Fat Loss Pack

You will replace breakfast & lunch with a delicious shake. Add protein drink mix and blend with water…This also comes with Thermo Tea, Oat Apple Fibre and Multivitamin for ultimate weight loss. Have some healthy snacks in between meals and enjoy a healthy dinner of your choice.

Products in this Pack:
2 x Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
2 x Protein Drink Mix
1 x Instant Herbal Beverage
1 x Oat Apple Fibre
1 x Multivitamin plus Free Starter Kit 

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Muscle Gain Pack

The best programme to build muscle, fast. Work your way to a fitter, stronger you with the “Muscle Gain” pack and get the body results you desire.
Products in this Pack: 
1 x Rebuild Strength 
2 x Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix 
2 x Protein Drink Mix 
1 x Instant Herbal Beverage  plus Free Starter Kit 

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Trial  Products 

Ideal Breakfast Pack

The 6 day trial is the perfect introduction to feeling great with Herbalife. In just a few days you will discover how great you feel on our programme. 


3 x F1 Vanilla Sachets
3 x F1 Cookies and Cream Sachets
2 x Instant Thermal Beverage Sachets (6 servings)

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Whilst on your trial you will have full support via the communication way you want , plus access to our FB client group where we share recipes and support daily. 


Great Support 

We are here to help you through every step of your journey, with one to one contact to suit your needs. 

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Online Advice 

An online section with loads of great articles to support you with your healthy lifestyle goals. 

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An online section with a variety of great tasting recipes for you to follow to keep you excited about nutrition. 

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Support Group 

Our Facebook group is a great place to hang out with other like minded people. Swap results and ideas.  

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Things we’re great at

Herbalife Nutrition have been in business for over 37 years, with millions of customers, here are a few of their stories from the media. 

Helen Courtney from Swansea

Lisa Bennion from Nantwich

Aimee Bradley from Chichester

Delores Sanders from Epping 

Our Life With Herbalife

Joining Herbalife Nutrition was one of the best decisions our family ever made. There’s been times it’s been tough, but the friends we have made got us through. There’s times we have been estatic, and the same people have celebrated our success along with us. There’s been times we have needed to learn more, and the same people have mentored us.
We cannot show you exactly the journey you will follow as part of our team, but we can share with you the most important parts of our own. 


Extravaganza, Cologne

Since joining we have enjoyed lots of recognition as we work up the amazing ladder the company offers. This photo was taken on stage in front of 15,000 people as we were recognised for becoming global expansion team members.  


Costa Navarino, Greece

We love to explore,  whilst part of the company we have visited Barcelona, Brussels, Prague, Cologne and many cities across the UK. This photo was taken as our family enjoyed our second free holiday to Greece. 


Manchester, UK

We have made so many great friends from many great countries whilst working with Herbalife. 
Each person has played a part in helping us become who we are today and we are humbled and grateful to know them. 


Enjoy helping others and make extra income

Are you interested in supporting others and helping them feel great? This is the only business where you can make a lot money, help a lot of people and have a ton of fun doing it , it just makes sense.

Become a member of  our team and work with the most optimistic, motivated and open minded people you can meet!

Please text/call for password to 20 minute online information video below. Alternatively, you can join immediately by first texting me for my member ID , and then using the button below. 

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We are ideally looking for people who can work closely with us. No experience in health, nutrition or business is necessary, as full training is available,but you must have a willingness to learn the products, the business and the eager to work.


Work the hours to suit you, around your current commitments, enjoy great benefits including travel, great colleagues, no targets, no minimum spends, great support, and membership to one of the largest companies in nutrition.